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NetIX enters the Canadian market via partnership with eStruxture Data Centers

NetIX has partnered with eStruxture Data Centers

NetIX has partnered with eStruxture Data Centers

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NetIX, the leading global distribution platform for award-winning connectivity and peering solutions, has partnered with eStruxture Data Centers, Canada's largest provider of network and cloud-neutral data center solutions, to provide eStruxture's customers with global connectivity services and unique global peering solutions directly from their Canadian facilities.

Through the Tunnelling over Internet (ToI) service, eStruxture customers may now access all of NetIX's 150+ global locations, 30+ Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), and award-winning Global Internet Exchange (GIX) peering solutions directly from any of eStruxture's data centers.

NetIX's ToI service enables any network to connect to the NetIX platform via the public Internet and receive the same benefits and services as members who are physically connected via a cross-connect. As a result, eStruxture customers will no longer need to use a physically linked supplier for network services. To reach and access new cities and services, they instead need a ToI connection.

"We're ecstatic to be NetIX's first Canadian partner, and we think their next-generation network solutions will be a fantastic addition to our ecosystem," says Todd Coleman, President, and CEO of eStruxture. "Our new cooperation with NetIX demonstrates our ongoing commitment to assisting our customers in growing and expanding their reach as their business requires." We look forward to working with them in any of our facilities across the country."

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NetIX CEO and Founder Neven Dilkov said, "We are happy to announce this relationship with eStruxture Data Centers." "Both NetIX and eStruxture are privately owned and controlled, allowing us to be agile, flexible, and responsive. We look forward to working together to better provide customers with global solutions swiftly and easily from Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montreal, thanks to these distinct attributes."

Language and cultural limitations might make it difficult for networks to get access to Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the Caucasus and CIS territories (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan). Individually establishing connectivity can be difficult and confusing, but because NetIX's network is unrivaled in these areas, networks looking to grow can now use the ToI service to gain access to the NetIX platform and all of its network-enhancing capabilities.

Are you ready to reap the benefits of NetIX and eStruxture's collaboration? The only remaining major Canadian-owned and managed colocation data center - a true industry leader and trailblazer - provides worldwide connectivity solutions. eStruxture can support enterprises of all sizes through rapid growth and unanticipated demands from any of their 15 sites, and can now help give worldwide access to 150+ locations. By visiting netix net for more information, you may learn about innovative ways to improve and expand your network reach.

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