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Hello and welcome to our honorable visitor. I hope that you like our blog. We are always striving.

We strive to facilitate the explanation for you in a simplified way through text and video. To find what is useful to you through the explanation and practical application.

Introduce Myself

Ahmed Adel: Egyptian, living in Egypt.

And now I want to tell you about what we will present in a blog Quick Genius Trading

We are an educational blog created to present many exclusive articles related to the following areas

1. Forex trading education

This article will be an introduction for those wishing to enter the world of trading, especially with the ease of learning to trade in this period more than ever, with technological development providing the opportunity for ordinary people to enter the financial markets and the emergence of electronic trading and the emergence of trading programs and platforms

2. Cryptocurrency trading education

In an era when the usual cash transactions were reduced to be replaced by electronic transactions and payments, the so-called digital currencies or encrypted assets Cryptocurrencies appeared, which despite the doubts that hovered around it in its beginnings - being virtual/electronic - but it received an increasing welcome and acceptance and demand that raised the prices of digital currencies to levels It was a standard that was impossible to imagine, and even made its way to international financial transactions, and it became the focus of curiosity and interest from everyone. In this article, we will shed light on it to demonstrate the concept of digital currencies and how to deal with them.

3. Technical analysis education

Technical analysis is the study of historical and current price movement using charts to predict price movement in the future, and technical analysis is not concerned with the causes that lead to market movement - in contrast to basic analysis - but rather focuses its attention only on price movement considering that all the causes and factors that move the market are reflected At the end on the price action, and therefore is most worthwhile.

4. Teaching fundamental analysis

The basic analysis is the study of all the factors that affect the economic conditions of the state and the forces of supply and demand for its currency, by measuring the state of economic growth, inflation, interest rates, industrial and service capabilities, the labor market, unemployment rates and the political stability of the state.


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